Debts acquisition

Transaction by which a matured receivable is transferred by the assignor to the assignee, who become the holder of the receivable but also the holder of all the rights relative to it.

In return, the assignee pays to the assignor the transfer price. Then, the assignee collects the claim on its own.

What are the terms and conditions?

The claim is transferred to the assignee with all its accessories, and guarantees (relative to the things, ex: mortgage) and personal guarantees (cautions).

All the legal and extra-judicial fees incurred prior to the transfer have to be paid by the transferor.

NACC purchase :

  • corporate claims, secured with real or personal guarantees that give almost certain recovery prospects.
  • Civil claim such as consumer credit,
  • Claims that are highly unsecured because of the lack of guarantee or debtor insolvency.

A legal audit on documents allows to determine the future collections and to propose a purchase offer in adequation with the real value of the claims constituting the portfolio.

This audit is performed by highly qualified auditors and legal experts team.

NACC assure you an answer on the following points:

  • The need to generate cash in order to balance with the financing difficulties in the current economic context.
  • The deterioration of the borrowers’ repayment capacities, and the depreciation of the assets underlying loans.
  • Preserve your brand image

For companies, NACC purchases claims considered as unrecoverable in batches. Collections on these claims are shared, as a counterpart of a symbolic transferred price of an amount of 1€.

Purchase of claims by NACC allows to the companies:

  • Generate exceptional income if NACC succeed in the collection recovery
  • If NACC does not succeed, it will produce an “unrecoverable certificate”, that will allow the company to register an irrecoverable loss, and then to recover the collected VAT;

When NACC purchases your receivables, NACC deploys its team (legal and paralegal team, conciliators team, field collectors) in order to set up a complete recovery process, strong of:

  • Its core principles: ethics and debtor respect
  • Its strong presence in the overseas French